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True Intimacy is a 3 - 5 day initiatory experience and workshop for couples and singles on how to both heal and awaken through the practice of embodied sacred intimacy, relationship and Tantric ritual.

This retreat was born out of deeply felt need to bring the worlds of both Tantra, relationship therapy and deep inner work together into one coherent path for the sake of not only healing but simultaneously walking the spiritual path in relationship. 

With the rising popularity of Tantra in our world today there are many teachings on how to go beyond the personality in relationship and love making yet unhealed trauma will still exist as contraction in the body no matter how deep we go on that path.   When we experience tendencies towards closure and triggers that go unprocessed it won't allow us to touch a sense of true embodied safety, openness and depth with our partners.

In this retreat we will not only explore how to awaken to the spiritual dimension of our being through relationship and love making but also how to use our innate masculine and feminine gifts to consciously heal each others nervous systems, and truly see and feel one another.

Practically, we will dive deep into inner child wounding and learn how our unmet childhood needs are unconsciously driving who we're attracted to, perpetuate our incoherent relationship patterns and how we can use embodied intimacy practice to transform those patterns of closure into openness, healing, and love. We will learn communication tools that will help create a foundation of safety and empathy upon which deeper states of intimacy and consciousness can arise.

Men and women will learn how to embody their deepest masculine and feminine gifts and how to use them powerfully as a way to amplify love, openness and healing in their partners. We will also perform traditional Tantric rituals every evening as a way to deeply honor and worship the masculine and feminine in all of us and the union of spirit beyond duality. 

Pillars of Our Work


Embodied Practice


Sacred Connection

Shadow Work

We will explore and experience what it means to truly embody our most powerful masc/fem qualities, our most vulnerable emotions and psychological shadows to create depth, transparency, openness and evoke love in ourselves and our partners.

We will use traditional Tantric rituals, meditations and practices as a way to awaken to the essence of who we are, control our sexual energy for the purpose of amplifying love and worship each other as expressions of the sacred masculine and feminine.

We will connect with wounded parts of our hearts and learn how to reveal, hold and heal those parts of us through embodied intimate connection, group healing work and intimacy practice.

We explore the hidden, disconnected and undesirable parts of our psyche and learn how to embody and integrate them in ourselves, in our relationships, and love making in a healthy and safe way so that no part of us is left unacknowledged.



Ian Wilkes

Transformational Coach and Mentor

Ian is a men's work facilitator and coach, couples intimacy coach, breathwork/trauma release facilitator, kambô practitioner and yoga/meditation teacher.

In 2012 Ian left his life as a club promoter and hotel manager in New York city after a rock bottom experience with his 9 year drug and alcohol addiction to the point of not wanting to live anymore. 


In search for meaning and healing Ian spent 10 years and continuing in deep practice and study of ancient spiritual traditions and healing arts around the world. From living in ashrams in India, to buddhist monasteries in Myanmar, to being an apprentice to an Ayahuasca shaman in the Amazon to studying with masters of modern healing modalities  he not only tranformed his own life, but created his own modalities for healing and awakening which he now shares in his programs, workshops and ceremonies around the world. 

Ian combines his knowledge of trauma release, psychology, Yoga, meditation, Tantra, sacred intimacy, and group healing to help guide others on a complete path healing and awakening.  

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Valentina Cannavó

Tantra, Yoga and Meditation Teacher 

Valentina is is yoga/meditation and Tantra teacher with over 10 years of teaching and intensive practice experience.  

In her early 20's she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease which is deemed incurable by western medicine standards.  Through the deep fire of her heart, her unwavering dedication to the spiritual path and an aspiration to heal herself she spent months in deep practice, including long periods of fasting, extensive dark retreats, and other intensive yogic disciplines.  Through her persistence and dedication, her symptoms of the disease began to lessen until they completely disappeared, a miracle by western medical thinking.

She now shares her experience and journey with other women who suffer from MS and teaches yoga, meditation, feminine embodiment work, and Tantra from that place of profound depth and dedication to the teachings.

Valentina is currently one of the senior pre-board members and teachers at the world renowned Hridaya Yoga centers in Lyon France and Mazunte Mexico. She coordinates and teaches many of their top programs and retreats and is one the most highly respected and senior teacher of Tantric Ritual in the community. 

Upcoming Retreats


December 19th to 22nd 2022


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