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"Happiness is your nature.
It is not wrong to desire it. 
What is wrong is seeking it 
outside when it is inside."
-Sri Ramana Maharshi


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Welcome Dearest Seeker

You're here in this moment because there is some level of yearning in your heart for love, freedom or both. Maybe you've felt your whole life like you don't fit in, like you don't belong or that life in itself is not trustable or safe.  Maybe you've had a really tough childhood, maybe you've chased your dreams to no avail, maybe you've tried therapy, maybe you consider yourself spiritual or have had a practice of some kind for many years but still find yourself in waves of depression, irritability, thinking your not good enough, struggling in relationships and so on.  Maybe you've tried to digest the infinite amount of messages and content from coaches, therapists influencers, spiritual teachers and feel even more confused about how to walk the path of healing either alone or in relationship. 


First of all you're not alone in that and you've come to the right place. Secondly, the good news I have for you is that every internal struggle or experience of deep emotional pain you have can be completely resolved and brought to harmony without the use of any prescription drugs or anything needing to change in your outside environment no matter how unpleasant it may be.


In fact, it never had anything to do with external circumstances.  Indeed, your struggle seems to come from what is happening to you on the outside, but the very peace and sense of deep fulfillment you intuitively know is possible has NOTHING to do with anything being the way you want or imagine it on the outside.  We've simply forgotten who we truly are and who are partners and loved ones truly are.  This is the root cause of all of our trauma, and with a very simple shift of attention, perspective and with the right guidance and some patience, all of our struggles will fall away.


I'm not here to sell you big packages of sessions with me and send you in an endless loop of speaking about your history and giving you some affirmations to repeat and journaling work, I'm not a talk therapist or regular life coach.  I'm here to work with you as little as possible, yet directly and precisely.  I'm here to take you to the root of all the stories and structures that cause you pain and end it once and for all.   You have a life, you have dreams, you have aspirations and you have relationships you are eager to enjoy in freedom with a full and open heart, that is what I'm here to help you get to as soon as possible.   


The nuances of our traumas are all different and yet the nature of the psychology behind them is exactly the same.  Once you can pierce through the untruth of your mind through inquiry and bring light to the root of its structures, release the tension your body has built from the years of belief in those structures, integrate and embody the insights from this process, and maintain the direct experience of knowing who you truly are beyond all of it, love and freedom will be revealed as your natural state of being.

I work with couples, men, women and anyone who is experiencing internal struggle. The problems are many, the medicine is one and I will show directly how to find it within.







One of my deepest passions is supporting two souls on the journey of union through intimate relationship. The path of relationships is one of the quickest ways to heal our hearts deepest wounds, and awaken us to the deepest understanding of who we truly are. 

With right tools, right understanding and proper guidance, relationship can go from the greatest difficulty you experience in life, to your greatest joy and sense of freedom.  


is a spiritual path to unraveling all of the knots, limitations,  patterns, trauma and resistances we have to being the love we truly are. 

In this work I guide couples 



Mature brotherhood and heart centered masculine leadership is a crucial missing piece in our culture today and I firmly believe it to be the vital medicine our families, communities and this earth desperately needs. 


The epidemic of masculine suffering and confusion is at an all time high, directly in correlation to the environmental destruction, wars I find it paramount  is In my work, I help men express, process and embrace their pain and emotions, re- align with their inner masculine core and truly embody what it means to be a man living in integrity, maturity, on purpose and from the Heart. 



This is the most intimate and effective way for us to work together.  In this space we go straight the root of your core wounds, truama and tendencies.  I help you bring a complete healing to your being not only at the level of the psyche but somatically at the level of the body, nervous system and spiritual dimension of your being. 

This work is very precise, deep and to the core right from the beginning.  If you are ready to truly transform your experience of life from struggle into harmony, peace and internal freedom, reach out and let's get started. 


Work With Me 1:1 


90 Minute Breakthrough Session

Is there an area in your life where you're feeling stuck, confused, frustrated or suffering?  Problems with relationship, career, purpose or intense emotions arising?  In these 90-minute one off sessions I use a combination of somatic embodiment work and meditation combined with coaching to unearth the shadow that's holding you back from your flow state.    


Free Discovery Call

This call is a free call in which we discover together where your journey could go. The purpose of this call is for you to share where you're at, where you'd like to be and how I can help support that journey. It's a courageous first step to make this call, and your healing starts with this choice. Remember, your healing is the best gift you can give to yourself, your family, your community and the world. 

Modalities I Use 



If you want to experience a true change in your life from suffering to freedom, you need to focus on all aspects of your being:  You have to confront your trauma, your shadows, your body and your connection to Spirit.  No matter where you are at on your journey, in my 1:1 Coaching sessions, we address all of it.

Men's Work

Mature brotherhood is a crucial missing piece in our culture today and I firmly believe it to be a medicine our families and communities need. In my work, I help men express, process and embrace their pain and emotions, re- align with their inner masculine core and truly embody what it means to be a man living in integrity, maturity, on purpose and from the Heart. 



The quality of our breath is a direct reflection of the quality of our health.  In these sessions, I show you how you can use the breath for everything from releasing emotional trauma, healing disease, accessing profound states of consciousness and much more.


Kambô is a powerful, sacred and deeply healing medicine from the Amazon.  It has been used by tribes for centuries to cleanse the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as well as to heal and prevent disease.



Meditation is the practice of falling in love  and merging with the essence of

who we are.  Guided Meditation can also be used as a method to awaken and tone divine qualities like love, compassion and forgiveness.  It is a fundamental practice on the path of healing and spiritual realization.

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Yoga And Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient and complete spiritual path in itself, comprised of living in integrity, harmonizing the body, controlling the mind and awakening to our true nature.  Yoga can also be used as a therapy and has been scientifically proven to heal and prevent disease.


Kirtan is a practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.  It is the practice of honoring and opening the Heart to the depth of who we are, through chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras set to beautiful melodic music.


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