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Are you ready for an experience of authentic and mature brotherhood where you can really grow personally, spiritually and face the parts of yourself you know you need to?

Are you ready to heal the wounds that keep you trapped in cycles of anger, addiction, closing down, confusion and procrastinating on your hearts purpose?

Are you ready to be the generational curse breaker of the lineage of wounded, tyrannical and weak willed men that have come before you?

A place where you can be truly heard, seen and express what’s alive in your heart and be held and supported in that in a safe container by other brothers experiencing the same?

Are you ready to do what’s necessary to evolve into the most mature and integrated version of yourself for not only yourself but for your family, friends, partner, communities, future generations and this planet?

Brothers, if any of these questions are landing for you, you are in the right place and you are not alone.

The Embodied King is a 13 week online men's group and course exploring what it means to be an empowered, healthy, integral, present and centered man in todays world.  This group is about sharing what is really on our hearts as men, healing our generational wounds, getting vulnerable, getting real and holding each other accountable for the inner work we know we must do in order to be the most embodied, present and empowered men we can be for our partners, families, the feminine, communities and this earth.

In this group ALL OF YOU is welcome. Your pain, your frustration, your guilt, your shame, all of it, there is nothing this brotherhood can't hold. We were not meant to make the journey into our wounding alone and the purpose of this container is to create a space of genuine brotherhood where we can be honest and heal together as men.

We will dive deep into the root of our psychological shadows, addictions and behavior as men using the framework of the Jungian masculine archetypes of the king, warrior, magician, and lover.  We will also explore the topics of sacred sexuality and Tantra, meditation and the spiritual path, trauma and somatic release work, purpose, integrity, heart centered leadership and healthy masculine embodiment.


This, brothers, is a chance rise to up together into the fully embodied King you already are in your heart.  In this container, you will be called forth into radical honesty with yourself, to lead from your heart, to make spiritual practice and inner work the forefront of your life, to own and learn from your mistakes, to lean into your growth edges stepping out of your comfort zone, to confront the parts of you that you’ve been avoiding and to come into integrity and coherence with your words, thoughts, feelings and actions.


This is an opportunity to get real with yourself and to be the man that breaks the chain of suffering and ignorance in your family lineage for the benefit of this planet and for future generations of what will be healthy, embodied men.


What to Expect

This Course is for you If you're looking for:

  • A sacred and safe space of radical honesty, truth, depth, brotherhood, healing, love and authenticity.


  • Tools and practices to help process, release and express your emotions, wounding and trauma in a safe, healthy and embodied way.​


  • A mature brotherhood that will witness and hold you in your vulnerability and also hold you accountable for your inner work, practices and growth.


  • An opportunity to really lean into your growth edges and face the shadows, fears and areas of your life that are holding you back from being the fully integrated and embodied King that you are.​

  • Teachings, embodiment exercises and an experiential understanding of the master map of the Jungian masculine archetypes the king, warrior, magician and lover.  By understanding where you are on this map you will gain a deep understanding of your tendencies, addictions and incoherent behavior patterns that unconsciously rule what you say and do and how you can integrate them. 

  • Group work and journaling exercises that will confront and shine light on your shadows and behavior to help you come into a deeper coherence and integrity with yourself, your purpose, your partner, community, family and the world.

  • Teachings on and a daily homework routine of meditation, shadow work, breath work, yoga and Tantric practices both ancient and modern that have been scientifically proven to bring profound energetic changes and harmony to the body, the mind, overall health and connection to the spiritual dimension of your being.  We will start basic and slowly build your at home practice over the course of the three months.


  • The tools and accountability you need to the step fully into the heart centered and mature leader you are built to be for your partner, family, communities, and future generations of this planet.


  • The practices and tools to start mastering your sexual energy and how to use that energy as a vehicle for spiritual awakening and healing.  You will also learn how to lead a partner in basic Tantric ritual practice. 

What's Included 

This course is jam packed with teachings on yogic practices and theory, taoist and tantric sacred sexuality practices, masculine psychology, breath work and embodiment practices that will bring profound changes to your energetic, physical and mental bodies.  If you do all of the homework and practices given in this course, personal and spiritual transformation is not only possible, it is inevitable.

This Course will include:

  • 13 two hour live online zoom calls (one per week) that will be sharing circles, lectures, group practice sessions, and Q&A.

  • Course Homework and Challenges will include:

    • Answering 4-6 reflection questions in our private facebook group every week.  

    • Calling 3 people you know each module for different reasons to integrate the archetypes into your daily life. 

    • Connecting with your accountability partner twice each module. 

    • Watching a 1hr long lecture video per module about the archetype.

    • Completing a 1hr practice video of yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, and somatic release 5/7 days per week. ​​​

  • Over 6 hours of recorded guided yoga, Tantra, breath work, emotional processing and meditation practices.

  • An email for each module with detailed descriptions of the archetype and it's shadows accompanied by the relevant homework assignments of journaling, shadow work, breath work and yogic practices to work towards full embodiment of the mature expression of the archetype.

  • A whatsapp group chat where we will stay connected as a brotherhood throughout the week with our accountability check ins, shares, reflections and Ian's availability for any questions about the practices, live coaching and feedback about your progress in this work. 

  • A 1hr 1:1 coaching session with me.

  • Brothers that complete all the challenges of the course will be invited to join TEK Brotherhood at the end.  TEK Brotherhood is just for men that pass the course that wish to continue to grow in all areas of their life together in a committed group of men. There will be a 2hr call once a week where we will review topics of the course, introduce new topics and practices as well as live coaching with Ian and support from the brotherhood. 

  • An experience of mature brotherhood and teachings that if you lean into and apply yourself can be the catalyst for changing your life and healing the cycle of wounded masculinity in your family lineage forever.


Schedule and Structure

Every Tuesday for 13 weeks we will gather for 2 hrs on Zoom.  In these calls we will go deep into sharing circles, theory, ceremony, group exercises, councils, breath work, meditation, movement, Q&A and more.  Each week you will also receive recorded video and audio content with lectures and practices to be implemented each week and held accountable for by your accountability partners.  There will be 4 modules to this course. Each module will be themed from a different archetype which we will use as a framework for our discussions, practices, homework and shadow work. 

Below is is brief outline of what each module is about. 

The Modules and Schedule

Module 1 (weeks 1-3) - The Lover - Healing The Inner Child and Holding Our Feminine 

To begin our journey we will start with the lover archetype which is the primary archetypal expression of our inner child.  In order to get where we're going, we must first understand where we've come from and how that effects who we are today.  The imprints and traumas we experienced from our primary caregivers play a huge roll in how we show up in all areas of our life.  From our relationship issues, to sex, to our confidence to speak in front of groups, to our addictions, to our habits of people pleasing and everything in between are all informed by what we experienced as a child.  By understanding what our childhood unmet needs were we will expose how they are sabotaging these areas of our life and learn the remedies to bring ourselves into coherence with our authenticity and hold space for our own feminine and deep emotion. 

Module 2 (weeks 4-6) - The Warrior - Discipline, Boundaries, Authenticity, Commitment

In this module we will cultivate our capacity for discipline, assertiveness, discernment, boundaries and knowing the difference between aggression and fierceness.  The warrior is often known as a ruthless killer when left unchecked, however when integrated with the heart, the warrior goes from predator, to protector.  We will explore what it means to be willing to die for that which we love, for that which we hold most sacred in our life and understand the importance of reviving the energy of the killer on the background of love. We will do a lot of work around creating healthy boundaries in our daily life within relationship, work and our inner world.  We will learn how to find balance and uphold those boundaries without being contracted and rigid or weak and overly compromising and exploring the fear around expressing our truth. As a brotherhood we will be using the warrior to call ourselves into greater accountability with our practices through daily contact with our accountability partners, and explore practices and shadow work that bring us into deeper authentic expression and integrity.

Module 3 (weeks 7-9) - The Magician - Alchemizing Trauma and Integrating The Shadow 

In this module we will identify the parts of psyches and personalities that we try to hide (the shadow) and learn what it means to integrate and own them in a healthy way so that they no longer cause harm to ourselves and others.  When we hide parts of ourselves that we deem as "unwanted" or feel shame to expose, we become a fractured person never being able to truly embody our authentic self.  Through embodying our shadows we will come to hear the messages they have been trying to tell us for years, or even generations and learn what it means to finally integrate them into our life experience so that we show up whole, transparent and honest.  So long as we push away our shadows, we may think we're free, however the unseen force of our wounded unconscious is actually what's making decisions for us based on fear, self hatred, judgment and inadequacy. 

Module 4 (weeks 10-12) - The King - Embodied Leadership, Integrity and Purpose

We will end the course with the celebration of embodying our inner King.  We will dive deep into knowing and embodying the deepest purpose of our heart by creating an "impossible goal" statement which will have to be stated with full embodied presence to the brotherhood and be approved by every brother as a right of passage to complete the course. We will also explore the many layers of integrity, from the physical to the soul level and what it means to live life from that space of inner coherence and how that informs our capacity for mature and healthy masculine leadership. 

About Ian 


Ian Wilkes 

Transformational Coach

and Mentor

Ian is a men's work facilitator and coach, couples intimacy coach, breathwork and trauma release facilitator, kambô practitioner and yoga/meditation teacher.

In 2012, Ian left his life as a night club promoter and hotel manager in New York City on a spontaneous longing for meaning and depth.

Ian then spent 10 years and continuing in deep practice and study of ancient spiritual traditions and healing arts around the world. From living in ashrams in India, to Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar, to being an apprentice to an Ayahuasca shaman in the Amazon to studying with masters of modern healing modalities, to spending months in silent retreats, his longing for truth lead him to experience life changing healing and profound experiences of truth. 

Because of his deep curiosity and openness to all angles of healing and spiritual awakening he studied and immersed himself deeply in many paths and modalities including Yoga, meditation, trauma release, psychotherapy, inner child work, Tantra, relationship therapy, plant medicine, shadow work, group therapy and men's work.      


Ian now combines his vast knowledge of all these modalities and the experience of his personal healing and awakening journey to skillfully meet individuals and groups where they are to provide a holistic and tangible path to the inner work. 

Are you ready brothers?

Become the King your heart longs for and community demands.

Only 15 spots available 


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