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"Fuse the powers of the sacred heart with the energies of the body, and you can transform everything."

- Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

My Approach

Yoga to Awaken and Yoga as Therapy

I have been devoted to the practice of yoga and meditation for over 7 years and have over1000hrs of Yoga and Meditation Training certifications including a degree in yoga therapy and pre and post natal yoga.  I also have over 10 months of silent meditation retreat experience. 


My approach is to provide a yoga and meditation practice that is catered to the needs and intentions that are alive for you on the background of practicing to open the heart.  If you are coming to yoga with a chronic condition, we will use a science based approach of yoga therapy which has the potential to either greatly improve or completely heal most conditions. If you are looking to deepen in the meditative and spiritual aspects of the practice, we use an approach that opens us to our true nature, to pure being in the heart. 



If you know you are ready to start, contact me for a session booking, and if you want to learn more about my approach to meditation, yoga therapy and hatha yoga continue reading below. 






Offerings in Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga Therapy 

Hatha Yoga


Meditation is a fundamental element in all authentic spiritual traditions.  It's mastery and integration into our daily life is essential in uprooting any form of suffering whether it be physical, mental or  emotional.  It is only through taking the time to be with ourselves in silent intimacy that we can truly begin to move from living life from a place of fear and confusion, to living with an open heart in freedom, clarity and love.


My intention with sharing meditation is to provide you with the most authentic and direct path to self revelation as possible using the heart, love, and self inquiry as our gateways to truth and depth.  I also offer various styles of guided meditations on topics such as loving kindness and wise compassion to help with alive issues like forgiveness, a closed heart, busy mind, resentment, and much more.  I offer private sessions, group sessions and a free guided meditation resource on my YouTube channel.  Find this free resource and get in touch with me about private or group sessions using the buttons below.

Although Yoga was originally brought forth as a spiritual practice for self realization, the profound healing effects that take place along the yogic journey are undeniable as it systematically harmonizes and opens the natural energies of the body. 


In the last century and primarily lead by Swami Satyananda and the Bihar School of Yoga in India, the yogic practices of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and mantra were scientifically studied and systematized into a proven healing modality for countless non infectious diseases including diabetes, depression, anxiety, spondylitis, lower back pain, hypertension and so much more. I hold a degree in Yoga Therapy from Yog Vidya Gurukul Ahsram in India, a sister school to Bihar and bring this knowledge forth in one on one sessions. 


We work together and build a unique sequence of practice to address your needs and condition.  Reach out for a free consultation and we will find out if yoga as a therapy is right for you. 



The path of Hatha Yoga is one rooted in the understanding that in order to attain realization, the energies of the body must be balanced and harmonized and the mind must be calmed and controlled. The word "Ha" means sun "Tha" means moon and Yoga means union.  Hatha Yoga is thus the practice of harmonizing right and left, male and female, sun and moon energies in the body for the purpose of realizing ones true nature.  

I offer well a rounded asana practice that is both dynamic to strengthen, tone and awaken the body and balanced with holding postures for longer periods with awareness of chakra (psychic energy centers) activation and deep meditation and breathwork (pranayama).  Asana practice a beautiful way to practice meditation while moving the body to prepare us to integrate meditation and the awareness of being aware into our daily life. I offer group sessions or book a private session to benefit from personalized guidance in your practice. 

Weelkly Classes and Programs


Hatha Yoga



Mondays and Wednesdays 

at 6pm - 7:30pm GMT - 7pm - 830pm Berlin

These Hatha Yoga classes are designed for levels (1-2) yet deep and meditative for any level practitioner.  This practice is well rounded with dynamic sun salutation sequences to tone, activate and energize the body.  We will also hold asanas (postures) to deepen in meditation with the asana and to receive their full energetic and healing benefits.  

In this class you will experience: 

  - Opening meditation 

  - Proper warm up exercises 

  - Dynamic one breath one movement vinyasa flow to tone muscles and energize the body

  - Holding postures for longer periods to go beyond mental limits and enter deep meditation in the asana

  - Restorative Savasana and relaxation period 

  - Closing 15 minute meditation of self inquiry and resting in the heart

This practice is offered on a 9 - 12€ sliding donation scale depending on income. 


9-12 €

Book Now





at 6pm - 730pm GMT, 19hr - 2030hr Berlin

In these sessions I will give a short lecture on a specific topic or teaching related to meditation and the spiritual path from several different authentic traditions including theravaden and tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, self inquiry, Yoga sutras of Patanjali and more. 


The foundation of the meditation practice will always be Hridaya Meditation which consists of three pillars, centering in the heart, awareness of the pauses in breath, and self inquiry to bring us to rest in pure being, in the heart.  Different styles of meditation will also be explored including loving kindness, wise compassion, equanimity and more.  

In these sessions you will experience: 

  - Opening Meditation 

  - 40 min lecture on a specific topic 

  - 45 min guided meditation 

  - Closing prayer and chanting 

This practice is offered on a 9 - 12€ sliding donation scale depending on income. 


9-12 €

Book Now

Heart Space 


All Inclusive Membership 

Access to all classes, a loving community and more 

Are you interested in truly going deep in the practice of yoga and meditation?  Is there a longing within you for a deeper authentic knowledge of self and to clarify and experience what it means to be committed to a spiritual path?  The Heart Space Membership is for exactly this. It is for the one who is longing for a deeper connection to the heart, to truth, to what spirituality is actually all about and walking the path with a community of like minded souls. 


In the heart space you will have access to: 

  - All weekly classes of Haha Yoga, Meditation and            lectures.  

  - Once a month community heart circle and check in

  - Once a month Live with Q&A with Ian 

  - 20% off all private sessions including Yoga Therapy,        Kambo, Breathwork or Holistic lifestyle therapy  

  - 20% off all retreats  

  - Access to a library of guided meditations and home        practice videos  

  - Weekly Kirtans

  - A monthly Tapas (spiritual discipline) practiced                together ex. 1hr meditation per day  

The heart space membership is 


9-12 €

Book Now

Heart Space Membership Program

A space to truly deepen in knowledge and experience on the spiritual path with a loving and open community.


Join the Heart Space today to gain access to weekly Hatha Yoga, lectures, sharing circles, Kirtans and much more   


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