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"The only lasting beauty, is the beauty of the Heart."

- Rumi


Kirtan is the expression of the soul's devotion and love to its source, the Beloved.  It is an expression of the love we feel when there is an alive intuition that our true nature is sacred and something to be honored deeply. Experientially, it is a group chanting ceremony in which ancient sanskrit mantras are set to beautiful melodic music and sung together as a way to open the heart and dissolve collectively through the music into our essential nature; pure loving awareness

Kirtan has been an integral part of my spiritual path and is something I love with my entire being to share with the world.  It brings people together in such a special way to collectively open the heart beyond any religion, blasphemy judgement or fear.  It brings a group together in it's purest form, open loving awareness.

Book Me for Your Event or Gathering 

I've hosted Kirtans for gatherings ranging from weddings, to funerals, birthdays, charity fundraising events, to festival healing spaces and much more.  Kirtan is a great way to connect your group in the common ground of the heart and bring positive energy and love into your event.  Reach out to me for any booking requests or questions.   

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Upcoming Kirtans

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