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"Being a man, has nothing to do with how agressive you 

are, but about how willing you are to do what's right by your heart and be vulnerable in the face of your shadow."

Men's Work

I truly believe that the current state of the world is a direct reflection of the presence of wounded masculinity in our society.  Since hundreds of years, especially in the west, men have grown up without any kind of proper initiation from elders or rights of passage experiences that bring a man to confront his own death, something that was essential in ancient tribal cultures to pass from boyhood to manhood. 


Without a strong brotherhood, or mature men to look up to, with sex education through porn, the presence of mature masculinity has become few and far between in our world. Many men feel isolated, shameful and confused about how to relate in a genuine way to each other, the feminine and to nature and this can express itself in aggressiveness, depression or the Mr. Nice Guy to name just a few.


By going through this specific work of the masculine psychology in my own journey, the healing has been profound to say the least. It is my deepest wish that all brothers who wish to embark on this journey of stepping into their sacred and mature masculine energy have the tools and support to do so. I offer this very specific 1:1 masculine coaching experience to help brothers step back into their truth and once again feel comfortable and empowered to be a healthy and mature man. To learn more and to feel if this coaching is right for you, reach out to me here.  

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