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In 2016, while I was traveling in India, a great inspiration came over me to somehow give back to this land and people that had given me so much over the years.  By grace, the flow of life led me to meet a man who could organize constructing rainwater harvesting tanks and water wells in impoverished and tribal communities in Southern Kerala and I also discovered an orphanage of 12 children in much need of support to continue operating.  Life had responded to my longing to give back in the form of these connections and Anahata Ma was born.  

The idea of Anahata Ma is to bring together the global community of yoga/meditation teachers, healers of all kinds, DJs, artists, anyone and everyone who offers a service to the world and from time to time offer their gift by donation in their communities to support the construction of clean water systems and support to the orphanage. 


Since 2016, through Kirtans based on donations and so many other beautiful events all over the world, we have built over 20 clean water systems bringing clean water to hundreds of Indian families and we've supported the orphanage with food, school supplies, health care and everything they need to continue for 5 years.  

If you'd like to learn more about Anahata Ma, join our team or to donate directly you can simply use the links below.

May all beings be healthy, peaceful, and free from suffering ❤️

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