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SEPTEMBER 24th - DECEMBER 17th 2024


There comes a time in every mans life when it's time to make the step from adolescence to manhood.  He comes to know deep down that there is something fundamentally missing or incomplete from his journey and a longing in his heart begins to grow.  You can ignore this longing for some time, but no matter what you do so long as you don't face that fear, that buzz you feel in your heart, it will simply amplify until you make the leap into the unknown, your deepest truth.   

When the moment of not being able to continue in your current way starts to pervade your entire being and the pain or longing for freedom starts to burn you from within; it's time for your Initiation, it's time to realize something deeper and start the journey home.  

The Initiation is a 12 week transformational course and men's group specifically designed to support the masculine soul in traversing the bridge to it's next stage of evolution and start to live from a deeper embodiment of truth, love and freedom.  In the Initiation we go straight to the root cause of what's holding you back from being fully free in your heart, and unraveling the psychic and karmic knots that keep you bound to a life of dissatisfaction and burden. 


We realized in our journeys that the path of becoming truly integrated and free in the heart is a process that requires dedication, aspiration, faith and the willingness to lean into our deepest fears and most vulnerable places.  The Initiation is a key to a full spectrum path of how to heal our traumas, expand the capacity of our nervous systems, embody healthy and mature masculinity, awaken to our essence and how become the embodied heart centered leader you were born to be.


If it's your time, join your brothers, and let's get to work.






This course is designed to bring you into the next level of your psychological and spiritual maturity and is for the man who is ready to truly make a tangible change in his life.  You will be invited to confront the parts of yourself you've been running from, to lean into your fears, to experience your edges of discomfort, to questions your most sticky and limiting beliefs, and given the tools, practices and support of brotherhood to breakthrough all of it.  This course will be challenging, but also profoundly rewarding.  The gold of freedom that awaits you on the other side of your limitations is beyond what you could ever imagine and the power of the brotherhood will help you get there in ways you never thought possible. 



In order to truly hold and heal our pasts and be able to face the purifications that may arise, we need to experientially understand we are not just those thoughts, traumas, emotions and beliefs.  If we take ourselves to be just that, we will simply continue to spin in the loop of the psyche forever, this is why you may see that conventional therapy and psychology never actually heals anyone.  Why? Because modern therapy doesn't acknowledge the witness, the background, the infinite and unchanging consciousness at our depth and how to practically stabilize in that.  In this course you will learn what this means through consistent spiritual practice and how to integrate your healing journey into that depth to truly alchemize your pain into silence and the experience true freedom.



The course is broken up into 12 weeks with 12 essential topics that will clear the path of what it means to be an integrated and awakened man.  The deeper you lean into the practices and course material, the deeper your initiation and transformation will be.  Keep in mind, this course is an intensive, it is meant to stretch you while simultaneously hold you and it's important to understand what that looks like.  Below is the general time commitments and all that will be included in the course: 

☸ There will be 12 2hr live group calls (once per week for 12 weeks) on zoom with the exceptions of the first and last call which will be 2.5hrs.  Each call will include the introduction of a topic followed by an embodied partner or group practice to fully experience the teaching.  This will then be followed by a group coaching and Q&A session with Ori and Ian on the topic.

☸ Each week a 20 minute lecture video will be given after each call to deepen your knowledge of the topic.  The video will also include a series of challenge questions which you will answer and post in the community forum to help you self reflect and integrate the teachings.  You will also then be able to receive feedback and support from Ian, Ori and the brotherhood.

☸ A 1hr practice video will be given each week that you will commit to complete 5/7 times per week and keep yourself accountable to this practice in the group chat.  These videos will be a guided flow of Qi Gung, breath work, hatha yoga, pranayama, somatic release and different kinds of meditation to deepen in your understanding of spirit, openness of the heart, expand your nervous system, increase your life force energy, deepen your presence, master your sexual energy and to strengthen and purify the physical and subtle dimensions of your being. 

☸ Every two weeks you will have a new accountability parter who you will have a 30 minute call with per week to check in about what's arising in the course, support one another in your processes and to deepen in brotherhood. 

☸ There will be a community Telegram group chat in which all have the space to share about their processes, get live feedback from Ori, Ian and the brotherhood and to hold one another accountable for the practices and challenges of the week. 

☸ The experience of being in a brotherhood on fire for the inner work that loves, cares and will be there to hold you in whatever arises is an invaluable experience.  The healing and transformative power of sacred brotherhood and masculine alchemy is something that can only be experienced and is very real. With good brothers by your side, all that you wish to achieve is possible. 

☸ If you lean into all this value that's offered and stay steady on the path with the brotherhood, the freedom and transformation you seek by joining will not only be possible, it will be inevitable. 




Ian Wilkes 

Transformational Coach

and Mentor

Ian is a men's work facilitator and coach, couples intimacy coach, breathwork and trauma release facilitator, kambô practitioner and yoga/meditation teacher.

In 2012, Ian left his life as a night club promoter and hotel manager in New York City on a spontaneous longing for meaning and depth.

Ian then spent 10 years and continuing in deep practice and study of ancient spiritual traditions and healing arts around the world. From living in ashrams in India, to Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar, to being an apprentice to an Ayahuasca shaman in the Amazon to studying with masters of modern healing modalities, to spending months in silent retreats, his longing for truth lead him to experience life changing healing and profound experiences of truth. 

Because of his deep curiosity and openness to all angles of healing and spiritual awakening he studied and immersed himself deeply in many paths and modalities including Yoga, meditation, trauma release, psychotherapy, inner child work, Tantra, relationship therapy, plant medicine, shadow work, group therapy and men's work.      


Ian now combines his vast knowledge of all these modalities and the experience of his personal healing and awakening journey to skillfully meet individuals and groups where they are to provide a holistic and tangible path to the inner work. 


Ori Dahan 

Transformation Facilitator 

He is here to illuminate, to empower, to remind, to celebrate - all that is Real.
to decondition, to face, to uncover, to drop - all that is not.

He believes in freedom through radical authenticity, the one that starts with ourselves. 

In his work with others invites a deep look into our shadows in order to bring light and understanding to them, to come into right relation with those parts of ourselves in order to reclaim our power, freedom, to reach our full potential.

For the past years he has been teaching, facilitating, coaching 1 on 1, holding retreats and workshops around the world in the fields of Men's work, Shadow Work, and Sexual Alchemy.
In his work he puts together everything he has studied and practiced, with passion & dedication - offering a powerful transmission, facilitating transformation.




13 2hr live calls will take place every Tuesday starting September 24th to June December 17th on Zoom from 9am - 11am PST // 6pm - 8pm CET

The calls on September 24th and December 17th will be 2.5 hours 

9am - 11:30am PST // 6pm - 830pm CET



The Initiation is limited to 22 men, so make sure to claim your spot early. 

If you need to cancel because of a medical or family emergency a full refund can be issued. 

If you cancel for any other reason you may use the payment towards a future course and/coaching sessions with Ian and Ori. 

  • Regular Plan

    Includes the full course and all course materials
    • Deep Dive Package

      • Full course plus 4 x 1.5hr 1:1 calls with Ian and Ori
    • Regular 3x Payment Plan

      Every month
      3x payments of $400 per month for 3 months
      Valid for 3 months
      • Deep Dive 3x Payment Plan

        Every month
        3x payments of $650 for 3 months
        Valid for 3 months
        • Includes course plus 4 x 1.5hr 1:1 calls with Ian and Ori
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