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 Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

– Carl Jung

Transformational Coaching


Harmonize your body.

Heal your trauma.

Decondition the mind. 

Connect with Spirit.

And live a life of true

freedom and peace. 

Your healing is undoubtedly the greatest gift you will ever give to yourself and the world.



If you are tired of being stuck in the same repetitive patterns of stress, depression, addiction, confusion or feeling lost. 

If you are ready to take control of your health and finally start healing the root causes of your issues mentally, emotionally and physically.

If you are ready to take your personal and spiritual growth seriously and get on a clear and structured path to lasting change with an experienced and caring teacher.



After years of addiction, depression and stress I embarked on an eight year journey in search of healing and to finally feel a sense of peace in my heart.  I practiced, learned and lived with elders, healers and masters from all over the world including shamans in the Amazon to Yogis of the Himalayas as well as experts in modern science based healing modalities. I found that a healthy combination of both modern therapy and spiritual practice was essential for healing the root causes of my issues and I know this way can bring the same for you. Now, I have compiled all of the knowledge and experience from eight years of work, practice and global travels into one clear and complete path for personal and spiritual growth,

The Four Pillars of Transformation.   

Reach out for a free 15 minute consultation and start your journey to lasting freedom and peace, here and now.   

My Approach 

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The beginning of my journey started in the Amazon with Ayahuasca and medicine work and from there evolved into Buddhist meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, self inquiry, different methods of psychotherapy, breathwork and trauma release methods. 

As my journey and practice evolved I met many other souls on a similar path and discovered that a combination of methods was essential to address the needs of the common western mind and condition.  I found in myself and witnessed in others the need for more rigorous mental de conditioning, shadow work and a therapeutic approach to releasing trauma in addition to the more common spiritual practices like meditation and yoga.

From applying that understanding in my own journey, four aspects of healing emerged as being fundamental for lasting personal and spirtual transformation, and thus The Four Pillars of Transformation were born.




The Four Pillars of Transformation


the Body

When we open our bodies and allow energy to move freely within, naturally we become healthy and balanced in both body and mind.

Processing and releasing our suppressed emotional trauma through the body brings peace to our heart and is essential for any true personal growth.


the Trauma

Breaking down our limiting belief systems and facing our inner shadows is essential to reconciling with all aspects of who we are.


the Shadow


to Spirit

Having a direct experience of ourselves as pure, unchanging awareness bring profound depth, purpose and clarity to our lives 

How The Four Pillars Work Together

 The four pillars are intimately connected and by working on one, the others are also affected and improved to contribute to a complete and holistic transformation of mind, body, emotion and awakened spirit. 

Body Mind Connection

By bringing the energies of the body into harmony through practices like Yoga, we bring balance to our emotions, our hormones and every system of the body.  When the body is healthy and balanced, naturally, our mind is more calm, clear and aware.  With a calmness in the mind we can more easily penetrate our limiting beliefs, and negative thinking patterns and really find out what is true for us through psychotherapy exercises, inquiry and shadow work. 

Somatized Emotion in Body and Mind

Our minds and nervous system are like storehouses for past traumatic emotion.  They remember strong emotions during certain events of our life and if not expressed properly they can become stuck in our bodies and cause disease, tightness and stress.  By processing and releasing these traumatic emotions in an experiential and embodied way through the breath, voice and movement, we can bring that longing for a feeling of peace in our hearts to reality.  Resolving our past traumas and suppressed emotions starts by feeling them fully and allowing them to release and unwind with awareness.  


The Groundwork for Awakening 

And finally, the more cleansed and healed our vessel is on the physical, mental and emotional plane, the deeper we can rest in the spiritual dimension of our being through meditation. When we awaken to this dimension of knowing ourselves as pure unchanging awareness, the felt sense of true internal freedom can arise.  Our fears around anything can disappear and slowly our natural state becomes that of deep peace as we learn to rest deeper and deeper into ourselves as pure loving awareness. 

Opening Up 



3 Sessions @ 90 minutes 





12 Sessions @ 90 to 120 minutes each

Deep Dive 



6 Session @ 90 minutes


How We Work Together

Where am I on my journey and what is my goal?

First we feel into where you are now, and get an understanding of where you want to be.  We work together to set a firm and clear intention for you that we will work towards with our sessions and a daily practice routine designed specifically for you.  Your intention maybe related to spirituality, overall health, the healing of a trauma or a combination of all.  By working together we will take you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be, free and living from your heart.  

How do I get there?

Based on your intention and my understanding of where you are we will design a specific set of practices and therapies that is unique for you within the frame work of the Four Pillars.  We may focus more heavily on one or two of the pillars if others are already more developed and make adjustments as you deepen and evolve in your practice and healing.      

Walking the path to freedom

Once we've designed your unique path of practices and therapies, it will be time for you to walk it and I'll be with you every step of the way.  Taking the leap out of your comfort zone to heal and process your traumas, pain and shadows can be a harrowing journey. By doing it together and with the right tools, the right teacher, in a loving and safe container, your healing and transformation is not only possible it is inevitable.


If you're ready to get sincere about your personal and spiritual growth and take the next step toward living a life of health, peace and freedom, reach out and let's get started.  

About the Practices


What Kind of practices will we do?

I am professionally trained and have extensive experience in many healing modalities and ancient traditions.  To bring about any real transformation, you can't just focus in one place.  A complete holistic and integrated approach is needed to get to the root causes of our afflictions physically, mentally, and emotionally and there are no shortcuts. 


To achieve this we use a harmonious combination of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Dosha Testing and Lifestyle Coaching, breathwork and trauma release, embodiment practices, Kambô, meditation, cold water therapy,  psychotherapy exercises and more. 

And Now..

Let's Do the Work

Opening Up Package

3 Sessions

Cost: 360

With this package we get an understanding of where you are on your personal and spiritual journey and focus in on one or two of the most alive topics of concern for you.  We design a home practice routine and use our sessions to work on a specific area of your development to bring you one step closer to where you want to be.

This Package Includes: 

3 x 75 min Sessions

Personalized Practice Routine 

Access to Guided Meditations 

Breathwork and Trauma Release or Psychotherapy 

or Kambô (if we're working in person)

IMG_6757 (1).JPG

Deep Dive Package

 6 Sessions

Cost: 720

With this package we go deeper into the Four Pillars of Transformation and work on several alive topics for you and bring in a wider variety of therapies.  With six sessions over six weeks we have the possibility to start to see some serious results in your healing journey and are able to evolve and deepen your spiritual practice.


This Package Includes: 

6 x 75 min Sessions

Ayruvedic Dosha Test and Diet Analysis

Psychotherapy Exercises  

Breathwork and Trauma Release

Personalized Yoga Practice 

Access to Guided Meditations

Kambô (if we're working in person) 


Transformation Package

12 Sessions

Cost: 1440

With this 3 month package, you give yourself the gift of a much deeper transformational process. If you really wish to embark on the journey of lasting change, a longer time container with full commitment is the way to go.  This allows us to go much deeper in all of the Four Pillars and gives us space to explore all of the therapies I have to offer for the deepest possible healing and transformation.


This Package Includes

12 x 75min Sessions

Ayruvedic Dosha Test and Diet Analysis

Psycotherapy Exercises

Breathwork and Trauma Release

Personalized Yoga Practice 

Access to Guided Meditations

Kambô (if we're working in person)


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