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We welcome you to the first ever Men's Intensive in Dretzel, Germany. A 4 day initiatory experience and retreat for men on healthy masculine embodiment, deep inner work and sacred brotherhood. 


This is a retreat for the man who is longing to feel fully home in himself, in the world and in true brotherhood with other men. This is for the man ready to face the hidden parts of his past that keep him from being the fullest expression of his most empowered self. 


In this retreat we will explore what it means to embody our deepest truth as men and how to give our masculine gifts in a powerful and Earth changing way for the benefit of ourselves, our partners, our families, our communities and the future generations of this planet.  


We will dig deep together as a brotherhood to release the emotional trauma and pain that limits our capacity to love and live fully and freely. We will hold one another in our deepest sorrow, in grief, in anger, in pain, as well as in our our deepest joy and celebrate the beauty of ourselves as men. 


We will voice the pain, cry the tears, laugh the laughs and call on and sharpen each other to be the absolute most embodied, present and powerful men we can be in the name of fierce love. 


Practically we will learn and practice tools for cultivating spiritual depth and presence. We will support each other in speaking about difficult topics and topics close to our hearts with brotherhood council and sharing. We will explore tools in how to connect with and hold space for the feminine, both within and without. We will do emotional release work, ice bath, inner child work, mother/father wounding work, physical combat and confrontation, deep relaxation, yoga, meditation, breath work and more.


This retreat is for the man ready to truly meet himself on the deepest level and be supported by his brothers on that journey. Join us if you hear the call brother, we're ready for you. 

Pillars of Our Work



Sacred Connection

Honest Brotherhood


We will explore what it means to bring ourselves home to the body as a grounded and loving masculine presence through breath, movement, meditation, embodiment practices, physical confrontation and connection.

As a brotherhood we will not only connect intimately with each other, but with the deepest corners of hearts and emotions that are longing to be felt, heard and released in a safe container of mature brotherhood.

We will connect in profound honesty and transparency with ourselves and with one another as brothers.  In the space of sacred brotherhood, there is no more lone wolf. We will hold and release all that we bring with us on this retreat together.

Accommodation & location

We will connect with the spiritual dimension and essential nature of our being through meditation, yoga, breathwork, Qi Gong and more as a way to remember who we truly are and embody our masculine core. 



Nimis Community in Dretzel, Germany

The location of our intensive is in a beautiful self sustainable community/retreat center located just 1hrs west of Berlin. The center is rustic and simple, yet providing all that is needed for comfort and a sense of being deeply immersed in nature.  The center is surrounded by national forest evoking a feeling of sacredness, peace and spaciousness, ideal for our work together.


For accommodation there are large canvas bell tents complete with beds and furniture that can be booked as a single or double.  There is also space for bringing your own tent and camping.  On site there are dry toilets, showers and also a sauna which will run every evening.  The food we will eat will be all organic (mostly grown at the community) and vegan with the option for farm fresh eggs from the chickens living there.


Arrival & schedule


Thursday 11/8

Friday 12/8

1:30pm - 3:30pm checkin

330pm to 530pm - Opening Ceremony 

5:30pm - 7pm Dinner

7pm - 9pm Workshop

9pm - Free time


7am - 11am Morning practice

11am to 1pm - Brunch

1pm to 530pm - Afternoon Session

530pm to 7pm - Dinner 

7pm to 9pm - Evening session

9pm to 11pm - Free time/Sauna/Fire Cirlce 


Saturday 13/8

7am - 11am Morning practice

11am to 1pm - Brunch

1pm to 530pm - Afternoon Session

530pm to 7pm - Dinner 

7pm to 9pm - Evening session

9pm to 11pm - Free time/Sauna/Fire Cirlce 


Sunday 14/8

7am - 9am Morning practice

9am to 11am - Final Sharing/Integration

11am to 12pm - Brunch

1230pm to 130pm - Closing Ceremony



sacha ice_edited.jpg

Sascha Zeilinger

Breathwork Coach and Facilitator

Sascha is the founder and practitioner of SPIRIT OF BREATH and a Certified Alchemy of Breath Breathwork Facilitator and Wim Hof Certified Instructor.

His vision is to use the art and science of breath awareness and breathing exercises for health, growth and change in body, mind and spirit. For that he holds a safe space to guide people to open their hearts and heal their relationships within themselves. 

His workshops empower his clients to connect with their emotional, mental and physical body. 

Sascha was a Fashion and Sales executive for 18 years until he decided to give his life a twist and started traveling, not knowing where his journey would take him. He quit his job in Germany and traveled to Bali, where he got in touch with Breathwork for the first time.

nic warner.jpg

Nic Warner 

Men's Coach and Sacred Intimacy Teacher

Like many men, I reached a point in life where I found my only satisfaction in the numbness of addiction. My career, my marriage and my existence were no longer bearable.


After a three and a half year journey, studying and facilitating plant medicine and breath work, as well as studying tantra and sacred intimacy with some of the worlds most renowned teachers, my purpose and vision appeared with crystal clear clarity.


Using the most effective and transformational methodologies I have personally experienced, to help others peel back the layers of culturally sanctioned, socially permeated models of behaviour and conditioning. To heal their relationship with themselves and with others. To help empower those yearning for clarity, confidence and connection, to rediscover the power of living fully from their heart. 


Ian Wilkes

Transformational Coach and Mentor

Ian is a men's work facilitator and coach, couples intimacy/tantra teacher, breathwork facilitator, kambô practitioner and yoga/meditation teacher.

In 2012 Ian left his life as a club promoter and hotel manager in New York city after a rock bottom experience with his drug and alcohol addiction.  In search for meaning and healing Ian spent 9 years and continuing in deep practice and study of ancient spiritual traditions and healing arts around the world. From living in ashrams in India, to buddhist monasteries in Myanmar, to being an apprentice to an Ayahuasca shaman in the Amazon to studying with masters of modern healing modalities around the world he not only transformed his own life, but created his own modalities for healing and awakening which he now shares in his programs, workshops and ceremonies around the world. 

Ian combines his knowledge of trauma, psychology, yoga, meditation, tantra, sacred intimacy, and group healing to help guide others to embodied wholeness, truth and peace.  




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