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"Your healing is undoubtedly the greatest gift you will ever give to yourself and the world." 

Transformational Coaching

Are you tired of being stuck in the same repetitive patterns of stress, depression, addiction, projecting your pain onto your loved ones, confusion or feeling lost?  Are you ready to take control of your health and finally start healing the root causes of your issues mentally, emotionally and physically?  Are you ready to take your personal and spiritual growth seriously and get on a clear and structured path to lasting change with an experienced and caring teacher? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place.

After years of addiction, depression and stress I embarked on an eight year journey in search of healing and to finally feel a sense of peace in my heart.  I practiced, learned and lived with elders, healers and masters from all over the world including shamans in the Amazon to Yogis of the Himalayas as well as experts in modern science based healing modalities. I found that in order to truly come into coherence and live a life of integrity, all aspects of my being needed to be integrated including bringing health and harmony to my body, releasing emotional trauma, facing my inner shadows and connecting with the spiritual dimension of my being.  I was never able to find this level of depth all in one teacher or in one path. I had to search far and wide and through experience learn to put these pieces of the puzzle together myself.


Now, after nine years of study, practice and integration I have compiled all of this knowledge and experience into one clear and complete path for personal and spiritual growth that I call The Four Pillars of Transformation.   

If you're ready to make a lasting change and truly deepen on your spiritual and personal journey, reach out to me here and let's get started.  

The Four Pillars of Transformation


the Body

When the various energy centers of the body (known as Chakras in the yogic tradition) are balanced and harmonized through movement and breath, health becomes our natural state of being.  This also includes harmonizing and eventually mastering the sexual energy as well. 

Our bodies store and remember unprocessed emotional trauma. If not transmuted and released it can turn into disease and can also keep us trapped in patterns of fear based reactive behavior. 


the Trauma

Becoming aware of our tendencies, limiting beliefs and toxic behavior patterns on a cognitive level is essential if we want to live a life of integrity and freedom.  By integrating and learning to love our shadows we come to embody our most authentic selves.


the Shadow


to Spirit

Having a direct experience of ourselves as pure consciousness, we can begin to know what God is in an experiential and intimate way.  With this experience, the anxiety of separation and death disappears and we can open to a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive.

How We Work Together

What is the commitment?

I work with people in 3 month containers which can be extended depending how deep into your transformation you would like to go.  We will have a call once a week on zoom and then stay in touch throughout the week for accountability and questions that may arise about your practice.  According to psychological research it takes a human being approximately 66 days (plus or minus a few days) to fully integrate or break a habit.  If you do the practices and homework that I give you, within three months you will undoubtedly see results in having a healthier, lighter and more energetic body, more intimacy and harmony in your relationships, a better sex life, a calmer more peaceful, less reactive mind, and a daily spiritual practice that leaves you feeling fulfilled, centered in your heart and connected to something far greater than yourself. 


Where am I on my journey and what is my goal?

First, we feel into where you are now, and get an understanding of where you want to be.  We work together to set a firm and clear intention for you that we will work towards with our sessions and a daily practice routine and homework designed specifically for you.  Your intention may be related to spirituality, overall health, mastery of your sexual energy, the healing of a trauma or a combination of all.  By working together we will take you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be, free, present and living from your heart.  

How do I get there?

Based on your intention and my understanding of where you are, I will share with you specific practices and therapies that will be unique to you within the frame work of the Four Pillars.  Practices will include breath work, guided meditations, yoga asana sequences, cold water therapy, journaling, shadow work and more.  We will have a call once a week to check in, do embodiment practice live together, and add/adjust your practice routine and homework as you progress. 

Walking the path to freedom

Once we've designed your unique path of practices and therapies, it will be time for you to walk it and I'll be with you every step of the way.  Taking the leap out of your comfort zone to heal and process your traumas, pain and shadows can be a harrowing journey. By doing it together and with the right tools, the right teacher, in a loving and safe container and being held accountable, your healing and transformation is not only possible but inevitable.


If you're ready to get sincere about your personal and spiritual growth and take the next step toward living a life of health, peace and freedom, reach out and let's get started! 

My Credentials and Experience


What Kind of practices will we do?

I am professionally trained and have extensive experience in many healing modalities and ancient traditions and have been teaching yoga, meditation, facilitating plant medicine ceremonies and breath work for the past six years.  


I am a certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurvedic lifestyle coach, Kambô practitioner, biodynamic breath work and trauma release facilitator as well as trained in many other modalities like The Work of Byron Katie (psychotherapy), Wim Hof Breathwork and Ice Bath, sacred intimacy, masculine and feminine polarity and embodiment work and Taoist and Tantric sexual sublimation practices.  

Work With Me

Your time to start will only ever be now.

Most likely, there won't ever be a time in your life when you will feel less busy than you are now.  We've all heard it before, "I'll get serious about my problems and what I truly want to do in my heart later when I have more time".. - Bullshit. Don't wait until you're too old to move before you take charge of your deepest desire to be free, live in love, and follow your heart's deepest longing.  Your personal and spiritual transformation is either important to you or not. You are either sick and tired of living a life of lying to yourself, harming others with your unprocessed emotions mediocrity, addiction, stress, anxiety, sickness or not. The choice is yours, feel in your heart what is most important for and reach out, you have nothing to lose! 

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